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That said, easytrieve isnt that hard to learn, and you can probably get. To create variable length records using caeasytrieve, you must designate the output file as being variable in the file section move the length of the record to the system field filename. I figured the problem was something with the formatting but i guess i didnt understand what i was reading in the manual i found caeasytrieve plus application guide 6. You can use the synchronized file processing sfp facility with one file or multiple files.

Easytrieve upperlowercase question tcaptain programmer op 17 jul 02 09. If you are tired of overpaying ca for easytrieve, we have great news for you. Use of each copy is restricted to the evaluation andor promotion of csi. Introduction what caeasytrieve calls a program, d ataminer calls a script. Easytrieve plus is an information retrieval and data management system. Easytrieve is an information retrieval and data management system designed to simplify programming. Matched records duplicate records file presence tests other statements reserved words.

If the date, field contains a valid date, the field datevalflag is set to the, value yes. The arguments can be placed on the same line or on subsequent lines, but, each continued line must be terminated by. In this method of processing sql, ezt automates cursor management by associating an sql cursor with a ezt file. Easytrieve plus programming table of contents sysedcomputer education techniques, inc. It is a primitive form of 4gl whose english like language and simple syntax provide the tools for easy data retrieval and report generation, easytrieve plus can now produce reports in html format. Synchronized file input performs match merge operations on multiple files.

Creates subfiles containing selected records from a master file. Zweasy is our plugincompatible replacement for easytrieve, at a much lower cost. Thanks, with the changes you suggested it is running as id expect now. Syntax checking error messages micro focus supportline. A caeasytrieveplus macro is simply a portion of a program that you store somewhere for repeated use. Dbrmlib dbrm library database request module assembler module same. The stages in running an easytrieve plus db2 program under static sql. Easytrieve define wsvariable w 1 n define wsvariable w 1 n.

Endusers, application programmers, business analysts, and others with a need to create reports using easytrieve plus. By clicking accept, you understand that we use cookies to improve your experience on our website. When using a ca easytrieve report generator file, however, fields see the native sql examples for the use of manual indicator values. Caeasytrieve plus is an information retrieval and data management system designed to simplify typical programming tasks. Easytrieve how to get all matching records hi all, i got a requirement to compare two sequential files and write the matched records to one file and non matched records to another file using eazytreive. Many shops are looking for a nonca alternative to easytrieve. The result is true if the current records key is different from the previous records key but. As well as being familiar with caeasytrieve code, they will have become proficient at debugging programs. If the date field is invalid, the datevalflag is set to, the value no. Caeasytrieve calls the three sections of a program environment library, and activity lets look at all three, and again you will see how similar dataminer and caeasytrieve truly are. I was trying to find reference manuals for dcf, and easytrieve. Below are some sample programs that will help you understand. Use this code is powered by wordpress design and code by jon phillips and creative cloud. Easytrieve automatically positions the system date and current.

The 8 is the length in bytes, so it represents 15 digits not 16 that another message mentionedthe right half of the rightmost byte is a sign, not a. The info is there on page 40 and makes sense to me now. If a sort activity immediately preceded the current job activity, the default input is the. Using synchronized file processing on a single file allows you to compare the contents of a key field or fields from one record to the next and use if tests to group. Almost any businessoriented task can be accomplished. There are features of the package that allow the programmer to customize their logic to easily process control breaks. If the no of deleted from file x means not present in file y is greater than 5% abend the program.

Easytrieve guide for mainframe programmers 6 of 20 july 22, 2015. With ca easytrieve report generator, you can create and publish comprehensive reports to traditional report images and web portals no matter your level of experience. Single file keyed processing compares the contents of a key field or fields from one record to the next in a single file. Synchronized file processing techdocs broadcom inc. Ca easytrieve report generator is an information retrieval and data management system that is designed to simplify report programming. Decimal positions for numeric data items, you can indicate the number of decimal places 0 18 by adding the appropriate numeric value after the data format value. It could be a file definition that you want to use in more than one program without typing it more than once, or it could be a piece of program logic or a report declaration that you use often in different programs. Easytrieve statements can be placed anywhere between columns 1 and 72. So users can keep using the easytrieve classic language to write or maintain their programs, or they can use easytrieve plus. Easytrieve, mainframe data tables page 3 actuarial outpost. Labels can be up to forty 40 characters easytrieve mainframe tutorial. I have reached out to management to provide information on ca easytrieve release 12. Is there a way to convert a string to uppercase in easytrieve.

Download free easytrieve file matching bittorrentoffshore. Easytrieve can access sequential and vsam files and db2 data bases. Easytrieve conversions automated, maintainable, customized. Setting directives in the chapter using the compiler in your users guide. Easytrieve guide for mainframe programmers 4 of 20 srinimf. How do you create matching on multiple keys in easytrieve. Easytrieve free download as powerpoint presentation. Could someone help me to write the easytrieve logic for this.

Easytrieve guide for mainframe programmers3 of 20 june 24, 2015. Gt10 caeasytrieve reporting and file manipulation 3 days. To match the length of the subject, caeasytrieve truncates or pads the. It is simple enough for a beginner to use without additional training, and sophisticated enough to enable a data processing expert to perform complex tasks. Easytrieve guide for mainframe programmers 2 of 20 june 20, 2015. Easytrieve language conversions are often only part of a companys overall attempt to optimize their it operations. When defining the field, you can specify the default maihframe. Easytrieve, mainframe data tables actuarial outpost. The caeasytrieve language reference guide is your source for. The indicated external table file is not in ascending sequence by the defined argument arg, or the table has a duplicate key. Use the matched test to determine the relationship between the current record of one file and the current record of one or more other files. Calling external subroutines from easytrieve programs. A1 a1 a1 a1 a2 a3 here, i dont understand how the file matching works.

Recordlength before putting or writeing the record to the file. This course may be taught as part of a 5day session in combination with the easytrieve plus fundamentals course. Create executable load modules from easytrieve programs. When using a ca easytrieve report generator file, however, fields see the native sql examples. A larger project may involve multiple language conversions assembler, pli, cobol, etc. The structure of a dataminer script is the same as a caeasytrieve program. Easytrieve upperlowercase question data management.

Continue reading comments in easytrieve start with karth1k1. Easytrieve guide for mainframe programmers 1of 20 srinimf. Its englishlike language and simple declarative statements provide the tools needed to produce comprehensive reports with ease. Matching files easytrieve plus provides a simple technique for processing two file simultaneously and determining if records do or. Easytrieve manual pdf iv caeasytrieveplus user guide. Either way, users get the benefits of the migration utilitys added functions, including the ability to create html reports, automatically generate characterseparatedvalues. Each statement is separated by one or more spaces, or a comma followed by at least one space. Check the format of the intrinsic function and ensure that you have a matching. A series of lab exercises will be used to reinforce the classroom education. Generate reports across the enterprise, no matter your level of experience. Using the table of automatic synchronized file input in the matchmerge operation output section if this article, the. Pansophic systems, incorporated, 1983 computer programs. The dateval routine examines the content of a specified date field for a valid date in accordance with a specified date format. If else endif statement in easytrieve is similar to how we do in cobol.

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