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Millions of loggers, sawmills, importers, timber merchants or woodworking companies visit it each month. To determine 23 the width of the board, use the 16 scale on the lumber rule and divide by 2. Tips and short cuts added to the back of the rules book. Learning to grade softwood dimension lumber spib blog. The actual grading rules are pretty complex, so ill see if i can simplify things and compare walnut to some of the other hardwoods we carry. Grade stamps applied to lumber surfaced to less than standard size shall show the size in the stamp. The grade as stamped shall signify that the lumber conforms to the grade, size and seasoning provisions of these rules unless otherwise noted on the stamps. Explore the use of the common grades to achieve the most value considering lumber cost and yield. Hardwood lumber grading by the nhla fas first and seconds provides long, wide, clear cuttings.

For complete information, consult the appropriate section of the nhla rule book. Dimension lumber grades are divided into the following classifications. Lumber grade rules this chart summarizes the main requirements for the standard grades. Nhla rules book published by guset user, 20150311 22. Lumber grading short course ohio forestry association. The files also include errata and supplements issued since 2004, if applicable. Canadian mills receive formal classes covering all aspects of the nlga grade rule book. For more information on nhla grading and defects, be sure to check out understanding hardwood lumber grades. Grade stamps applied to lumber surfaced to less than. Lumber inspection bureauplib, is a private, nonprofit timber quality control inspection bureau.

Lumber of specified width, rough or dressed one or two. It is a process of growth and expansion to meet the necessities of varying. Organizations that write and publish grading rule books containing stressgrade descriptions are called ruleswriting agencies. Yeah, the proposed rule changes got defeated a few years ago. Width of the piece is determined at the narrowest point in the standard length with a sawn edge. The national grading rule applies to all species of softwood lumber1 which are covered by grading rules developed and approved under ps 20. Even considering the subjective nature of fas grading standards, they still provide a helpful system for evaluating lumber. The southern pine inspection bureau is more than an inspection agency. The national grading rule for all north american dimension lumber 2 to 4 thick, as developed by the national grading rule committee, is incorporated into the nlga rule. A good place to start would be to get in touch with the national hardwood lumber association and purchase a rule book. Establish and maintain suitable standards by which any system of inspecting, grading and marking lumber might be judged impartial and. Its an old lumber ruler grading stick used by lumber inspectors. Graders who successfully complete the evaluation become certified and receive a plib grading ticket.

Classification, official, grading and inspection rules of the hardwood manufacturers association of the united states classic reprint states, hardwood manufacturers association of the united on. The measurements are in quarters since thats how lumber is measured. The rules for the inspection of lumber are uniform in construction and application but also carry with them the element of stability. Today the nhla has over 2000 members worldwide, and the nhla rules are still the national standard for the us hardwood industry and form the basis for grading of export lumber. Thickness of rough sawn lumber is expressed in quarters of an inch. The national grading rule establishes standard lumber grades and grade names, assuring users of uniform design and performance for all commercial species of dimension lumber.

Lumber manufacturers burmese teak lumber lumber wood. Ps 20 provides for a national grading rule ngr for dimension lumber 1 with simplified grade names and sizes to assure uniformity, efficiency and economy in the use of dimension lumber. There are different log rules that are used for scaling in different regions and for different products. The grade of hardwood lumber is determined by a visual inspection of each board according to rules developed by the national hardwood. The national grading rule applies to all species of softwood lumber1 which are covered. The western lumber grading rules book is now available on amazon kindle and apple ibooks. For complete details the grading rule book can be purchased from the national hardwood lumber association. The grade mark can include 1w or 2w if visually graded to the wane requirements for no. The nlga grade rule incorporates the national grading rule for dimension lumber ngr. The nhla hardwood grading rules are the product of the process of evolutionary development and that process is still in operation.

Knots appearing on narrow faces are limited to the same displacement as knots specified at edges of wide faces. Please note that, effective march 1, 2019, supplements to the nlga standard grading rules have been posted on this website under publications updates. This lumber is intended for use as framing members such as joists, planks, rafters and studs for building wood framed structures. The conwaycleveland lumber scaling rules are used to measure the board feet content of sawn lumber. They were established over 100 years ago by the newly formed national hardwood lumber association nhla. The export r list grading and dressing rules published by the pacific lumber inspection bureau.

The ngr establishes standard lumber grades and grade names for all commercial species of dimension lumber, thus assuring lumber users of uniform design criteria and performance throughout canada and the u. You need to get familiar really quickly with the basics of lumber grading. The ngr was incorporated in the spib standard grading rules for southern pine lumber, published by the southern pine inspection bureau. It has another, longer title that is sometimes used. The nlga grade rule incorporates the national grading. With flexible shafts still handcrafted from the finest split hickory money can buy, these. A separate consensus body, the national grading rule committee ngrc is established to develop and maintain nomenclature and descriptions of grades for dimension lumber that conform to this standard. This section is in the back of the rules book and is in no way intended to be applied as rules, simply a way to help apply rules and other aspects of grading lumber. For more information on nhla grading and defects, be sure to check out understanding. All i remember it had to do with dropping grade on shorter lumber, i believe. Msr lumber is distinguished from visually stress graded lumber in that each piece is nondestructively tested. Yoder lumber company 7100 county road 407 millersburg, oh 44654 phone. Western wood products association supported by western lumber manufacturers, wwpa delivers lumber grading, quality control, technical, business information and product support services to sawmills as well as those who use western softwood lumber products throughout the world.

Wwpa grades for dimension lumber are established by the american lumber standard committee, inc. Lumber grading rules spib southern pine inspection bureau. Online store product search national hardwood lumber. The amount of lumber is measured in board feet, where one board foot is 1 x 12 x 12, or any dimension with the same volume of wood. Black walnut lumber grade allow more defects and smaller sizes. Through constant improvement, they have come to be preferred by nearly all lumber inspectors everywhere.

The national grading rule for dimension lumber contains four grades of structural joists and planks. This comes from a friend with a degree in forestry. Lumber grading rules southern pine inspection bureau. Erik wilson, wwpa american lumber standards committee, inc. Nhla grading rules national hardwood lumber association.

Structural light framing 2x2 through 4x4, used where highstrength design values are required in light framing sizes, such as in engineered wood trusses. Western red cedar naturally presents with a wide spectrum of colors, from tan, to chocolate brown, to straw, or even brightwhite, and the color variation is not part of the grading process. Lumber grading considers several wood characteristics. Wood decking grades and terminology learning center. Must yield 83% to 100% clear wood in cuttings at least 3 x 7 or 4 x 5. The value of this lumber, and thus of the log, is determined in part by the lumber grade. The sawn lumber is examined carefully by our experts and is either adjudged an feq first european quality or an meq middle east quality depending on its physical attributes feq lumber has zero defects while meq allows the lumber to have minimal defects like knots, flashes, sap spots etc. Msr lumber is also required to meet certain visual grading requirements. The grading rules are published in the western lumber grading rules book. You just dont know how much sleep ive lost trying to figure this out. Ninety percent of the minimum widths mentioned in all grades of lumber shall be full width. So, dimension lumber is primarily a size classification for a certain type softwood lumber product that is graded by a standard rule. There are three primary grades of wood, 1, 2, and 3, and the lower the number the better the wood.

Nlga is the only recognized rules writing body for lumber grades and standards in canada. Nov 17, 2016 association standard grades of hardwood lumber. Dimensional lumber western wood products association. This bureau, a nonprofit organization, is the medium through which the southern pine industry maintains a broad program of standardization of grades and manufacturing practices, in conformity with the basic provisions of the american lumber standard. When grading rough sawn lumber, defects such as checks, stain, and warp are not considered if they will surface out at standard surfaced thickness s2s. For example, a board 2 x 6 x 8 contains 8 board feet. Grading rules that specify american softwood lumber standard ps 2094 must be certified by the alsc. Got asked by a walnut company to send a letter opposing the changes. A spiralbound book of the full nlga standard grading rules for canadian lumber may be purchased from nlga through our publication sales section of the website. Jul 16, 2019 the actual grading rules are pretty complex, so ill see if i can simplify things and compare walnut to some of the other hardwoods we carry. While the color variations may give western red cedar the appearance of other wood species like walnut or pine, its durability is unaffected as the lumber. It is perhaps best known for its grading rules, export r list grading and dressing rules for west coast softwood lumber, one of the oldest and most widely used references in international softwood trading.

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