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Arizona solid waste management plan march 1981 pdf amending a solid. Landfill manuals landfill site design published by the environmental protection agency, ireland. Disposal requirements for asbestos containing material. Code r 18201 to 182703 for a limited time receive a free ehs report recordkeeping for ehs managers. This plan is submit ted in accordance with 40 cfr part 60 subpart b, adoption and submittal of state plan for designated facilities. Federal and state hazardous waste management regulations apply to most businesses that generate hazardous waste. State plan for implementing the municipal solid waste landfill emission guidelines for arizona. Solid waste management arkansans generate millions of tons of solid waste each year, with nearly threefourths going to landfills.

This facility employs the latest advances in landfill technology, engineered with environmental protection systems that meet or. Landfill regulations landfill regulations, most especially those promulgated under rcras subtitle d, now include requirements that all subtitle d landfills have liners, leachate collection and treatment systems, groundwater monitoring, methane control, and prefunding of postclosure activities. Reclamation costs are often offset by the sale or use of recovered materials, such as recyclables, soil, and waste, which can be burned as fuel. Municipal solid waste landfill mohave colorado city arizona strip landfill corp highway 389 8 miles south of colorado city within 1 mile open 6028752722 municipal solid waste landfill mohave mohave county gambi mineral park rd off of us hwy 93, 7300 mineral park road, kingman az 86401 open 9285652777. State plan for implementing the municipal solid waste. City of eloy residents can continue to deposit up to 12 ton1,000 pounds per day at the landfill. The site consists of about 10 acres used for hazardous waste disposal which lies within a 47 acre landfill property.

Due to mercury concerns, recycling fluorescent bulbs is recommended by the arizona dept. Hwy 77 3 miles south of winkelman 5203566181 durham regional landfill durham regional landfill, llc right away disposal 22316 s. Proof of eloy residency will be required in the form of a current city of eloy utility bill and a photo id. Discover arizonas landfills, transfer stations, and service locations for managing your hazardous and nonhazardous waste. Deqs solid waste management office works to ensure that solid waste is handled, processed, recycled, or disposed of in ways that protect our environment and in accordance with federal and state regulations. In 1997, the regulatory provisions were replaced when arizona adopted, by reference, the federal regulations for managing used oil, under 40 code of federal regulations, part 279 40 cfr 279. The landfill will send a signed copy of the wsr to the abatement contractor. Swlf260 solid waste facility permitting process checklist. Arizonas hazardous waste landfill requirements include the federal rules and the states additional rules concerning treatment of hazardous waste before disposal, facility permit standards, and facility fees. The facility, commonly known as the apache junction landfill, is located at 4050 south tomahawk road, apache junction, arizona, in a.

Maintain a training manual regarding the proper opera tion of the. Open 5203563284 private landfill greenlee phelps dodge open asbestos 9288656484 private landfill maricopa arizona public service 6 miles south of i10 on wintersberg rd. The main functions of the solid waste program include. All humans produce waste, so we are all part of the problem. The landfill will not accept solid waste from commercial customers. The arizona administrative code is where the official rules of the state of arizona. Issuing permits, certifications and licenses to solid waste facilities.

What are the construction and debris landfill regulations. A list of medication dropoff events in maricopa county, arizona can be found at the maricopa county attorneys event calendar. The site is about 40 miles west of phoenix and 10 miles west of buckeye, arizona. This state plan submittal pertains to the regulation of landfill gas and its components, including methane, from existing municipal solid waste msw landfills. Arizona bulb and lamp recycling regulations and information.

Learn about municipal solid waste transfer stations. The items required to be recycled in accordance with section 22a208v and section 22a256a of the. Municipal solid waste landfills mswlfs and nonmunicipal, nonhazardous waste disposal units that receive conditionally exempt small quantity generator cesqg hazardous waste pdf 3pp, 181k, about pdf. Arizona solid waste management plan arizona department of. The management of hazardous waste is governed by the resource conservation and recovery act rcra. Mag solid waste management facilities summary 2017.

In 1990 arizona promulgated laws for managing used oil under arizona revised statutes 49801 et. Federal register approval and promulgation of state. Part a sets out the regulatory framework under which landfill gas is to be managed. Durham regional landfill, llc pinal county, arizona. The agency personnel involved in the preparation of this manual were mr.

A clean electric energy strategy for arizona 4 western resource advocates conventional fossil fuel power generation exposes utilities and their customers to unpredictable, volatile, and potentially increasing costs and imposes enormous environmental impacts, including greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change. Pcs and asf must be characterized properly to determine what regulatory disposal regulations apply. You may contact the arizona department of liquor licenses and control at. Recordkeeping keep a copy of the asbestos report and the notification on site at all times during demolition and renovation work. Here are some of the most important elements of a working landfill. Regulations, municipal solid waste landfills wastes epa. Arizonas statutes and regulations are located in a. Pdf municipal solid waste landfill inspection report notice of opportunity to correct deficiencies back to the top of the page. Then, environmental considerations that represent the greatest source of concern with respect to landfill sites leachate, landfill gas, direct exposure are discussed. Arizona s hazardous waste landfill requirements include the federal rules and the states additional rules concerning treatment of hazardous waste before disposal, facility permit standards, and facility fees. Licenses from adeq are required for all septage haulers and biohazardous medical waste transporters operating within the state of arizona. As a result, arizonas used oil program now consists of the regulatory provisions contained in 40 cfr 279, and additional regulatory provisions that were. Landfill regulations federal and state regulations ensure that landfill operations minimize impacts to public health and safety, and the environment. Landfill reclamation is a relatively new approach used to expand municipal solid waste msw landfill capacity and avoid the high cost of acquiring additional land.

Arizona follows the federal rules for solid nonhazardous waste landfills, with additional state requirements in connection with fees. Hazardous waste management adeq arizona department of. Arizona council of governments regional solid waste. Code of federal regulations cfr 40 cfr 257 criteria for classification of solid waste disposal facilities and practices. Dudleyville muncipal solid waste landfill waste management of arizona, inc. Disposal requirements for asbestos containing material what you need to know about disposing of material that may contain asbestos waste management offers environmentally safe and convenient disposal services for asbestos containing material acm and operates in strict compliance with current government regulations for acm screening and. Additionally, the state of arizona regulates petroleum contaminated soil pcs and auto shredder fluff asf under the special waste regulations found in the arizona administrative code title 18, chapters, articles and 16. Recycling laws by state call2recycle united states. Feasibility study for arizona landfill test plots, balboa park informational presentation to balboa park committee by. In addition to the mcehc regulations, these landfills are regulated by the arizona department of environmental quality adeq. Compliance with permit terms and conditions does not relieve, modify, or otherwise affect the permittees duty to comply with all applicable requirements of arizona air quality statutes and the maricopa county air pollution control regulations. Marana regional landfill is a regional facility that provides safe and convenient disposal services for communities, businesses and industries serving the town of marana, the tucson metro area, and surrounding cities. Landfills adeq arizona department of environmental quality. E the landfill meets all the requirements in rules r315301 through 320 applicable to class ii landfills.

Adoption of new state and federal regulations affecting solid waste management systems, planning. Sunrise mountain landfill order background and documents. Introduction1 this permit pertains to a solid waste landfill facility, owned and operated by durham regional landfill, llc, an arizona limited liability company. Part b sets out the legislative requirements for landfill gas management and the role of risk assessment. A waste shipment record wsr describing the waste must accompany the material to the landfill. The transportation of hazardous wastes also regulated at the federal level undis er. The landfill has an overall site area of about 128. Chapter ii, section 4, regulation 4 of the maricopa county environmental health code mcehc pdf governs construction and debris landfills. Department of environmental quality solid waste management.

Click through to these waste disposal services in arizona a to find a home for your solid waste, toxic waste, chemical waste, and more. Find landfill locations in maricopa county, az on yellowbook. Conducting solid waste facility inspections to ensure compliance in accordance with state and federal regulations. Part c provides technical information and details of current best practice on landfill gas management.

Overview of subtitle d landfill design, operation, closure and postclosure care relative to providing public health and environmental protection for as long as the wastes in the landfill will be a threat g. Responding to and investigating any complaints related to solid waste. Overview of subtitle d landfill design, operation, closure. This lighting ordinance pdf was passed and adopted by the graham county board of supervisors on january 22, 2002. Arizona solid waste maricopa county air maricopa county community partnership solid waste dept. Each of our landfills is carefully designed to operate in an environmentally responsible way.

Arizona administrative code aac r181 special waste, definitions. The agency rules on this site are not the official version. They appear as they were submitted to the texas register, and contain minor stylistic differences from the official version of the rules, which are maintained by the secretary of state in the texas administrative code. Every resident, every business including nonprofits, and all public and private agencies and institutions such as colleges, hospitals, and local and state government agencies, must recycle. The environmental protection agency epa is proposing to approve a state plan submitted by the state of arizona. Feasibility study for arizona landfill test plots, balboa park. A comparison of arizona regulations to the federal. It may seem like a giant pile of dirt and trash, but a landfill is an engineering masterpiece. The facility occupies approximately 500 acres, of which 184 acres are permitted for disposal.

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